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Because of the internet, homeowners associations websites can do much to build community.  To that end, Montecito Shores members website will facilitate communication to further promote a closer and more informed membership.  Given the events of the last year, this is even more important than ever.  

Beside the obvious membership information: 
  • Board agenda and minutes can be posted and archived
  • Important organizational documents such as bylaws, rules, and CC&Rs can be found
  • Historical archives can be found. 
  • Members can be reminded of the nominating process for the board.
  • Candidates can have a forum to share their expertise and platform.
  • General announcements of interest to the organization can be found. 
You will find areas where: 
  • Social events can be announced.
  • Owners can share names of competent trades people.
  • Online surveys can be conducted on intriguing topics 
  • Straw votes can be taken so the board has a more definitive understanding of what the majority want.
  • Classified ads can be posted.
The list goes on as this platform develops new services. 

If you live at Montecito Shores, sign up today!  

For the renovation project, all updated schedules and announcement can be found here.  You'll want to visit weekly to see what is happening and how it will impact your building or area of our "village". 

If you have a survey you'd like included, send a copy as a WORD document in an attachment to an email and it can be reviewed by the board to determine if it is an important issue. 

Visit the Advisory Committee Folder to find out how you can be involved.  Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.  You can volunteer to serve on a standing committee OR volunteer for a special ad hoc project.  

Do you need a recommendation for work or services? 
Check out the Vendor link on the right. If you have suggested outstanding professional, send in their names.  If you need a recommendation of a professional, submit your request to the community by the Community Forum link. 

Owner-only links
When you see a LOCK LOGO on the links on the right, this indicates this information is for owners only.  If you haven't already registered to be a member of this community submit your request by completing for form that comes up when you click on the link. It will be reviewed against county records to verify your ownership and you will receive an email.  Please allow 3 to 5 days.